Buying Services
Buying for your retail or wholesale business, whether you are an owner buyer or a dedicated buyer, is a difficult and time-consuming proposition.
Our Source & Supply service is designed to ease the process of sourcing the products you need and to reduce the amount of time you need to spend securing them. The specific buying services, which we provide, are now detailed below:

  • Diverse product catalogue to select and order from, from the comfort of your office
  • Sourcing of specific products within the product sectors in which we operate (Link to Products)
  • Escorted buying trips to the UK: Specifically designed with the fashion retailer or wholesaler in mind. This service allows international fashion buyers unfamiliar with the UK fashion market, to visit a selection of the best manufacturers and wholesalers which the UK has to offer.
    Accompanied at all times by an experienced member of the Collett team, on hand to advise on all elements of the purchase and export process, and to transport you around the UK fashion markets.
    All areas of the trip are organised from collection on arrival, hotels while in the UK and of course all appointments with suppliers. Complimented by the other buying and source supply services that we offer, this is the service of choice for fashion buyers coming to the UK.
  • Supplier Price Negotiations: We ensure that you are buying the products that you source through us, at the most competitive rates available.
  • Consolidated Order acknowledgement: Comprising all goods ordered whether from one or multiple suppliers, to allow you to easily review and approve your orders.
  • Production monitoring & control: Where orders are placed for manufacture to your specification, we monitor the order right through the production process, to ensure your order is produced to your specification and within your agreed delivery period.
  • Order payment: We can arrange, subject to credit approval or Letter of Credit, payment of all individual supplier invoices, and reinvoicing at the point of export under one consolidated invoice

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