Consolidation & Packing
To either compliment our buying services or assist in the export of goods already purchased in the UK through another party, we offer our export consolidation and packing service.
This service comprises of the consolidation of goods from more than one source into our warehouse, and their reorganisation into a single air or sea shipment. This consolidation of goods provides more control over shipment, and improved freight rates due to the increase of volume shipped. The service comprises:

  • Collection of goods: From any where in the UK, or delivery of goods from your suppliers into our warehouse
  • Inspection of goods and packing: On receipt to ensure that they are in a satisfactory condition for export
  • Packing: Preparation of goods for export including volume reduction, security taping and banding, palletisation and crating.
  • Packing List: Renumbering of all cartons from multiple sources onto a single list with detailed information on each carton.
  • Dispatch: Container loading and airfreight dispatch

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