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Our History
Our History
The Collett Group is a fourth generation family business inextricably linked to transport and the movement of goods for over 100 years.
The business was formed in Gloucester in the late 1800’s with William Collett, a blacksmith and wheelwright by trade, building horse drawn vehicles including carriages and pony traps for local dignitaries.
At the time of the First World War the company diversified it’s range of vehicles and started production of gun carriages for the British army.
The advent of the motor engine brought about an expansion of the business over the next 50 years into a highly reputed West of England coach builder, constructing lorry and van bodies for many local and national businesses including hauliers, food distributors and retailers.
In the 1960’s with the growing tourism industry and the increase in disposable income, the company saw the potential to again diversify and expand, and started production of holiday caravan’s.
While these Collett produced caravans were successfully sold, the company decided that it made more sense to purchase and distribute vans produced by some of the better-known brands. Successfully securing exclusive distribution rights for several of these brands, sales shortly commenced, and marked a dramatic change in direction for the company, moving away from construction to sales and distribution.
Spotting a need for low cost housing, the company next moved to offer for sale larger residential caravans and mobile homes. Securing a large local site on which these mobile homes could be permanently located, the company was soon in a position to sell these homes and offer a leased plot for them to be located on. Eventually operating three of these sites, the leisure and residential side of the Collett Group continued to grow and operate successfully until it’s sale in 1986.
Along side the leisure and residential operation, the Collett Group’s export division was formed in 1973 with the objective of opening developing markets in Africa and the Middle East to British manufacturers. It has over the last 35 years developed export services particularly for the multiple retailer: and now offers a bespoke range of supply chain services to several of the Middle East’s largest retailers.

For the last 20 years export has been the primary focus of the Collett Group’s business, and while we continue to serve our vibrant customer base, we strive to develop new services that are productive and cost effective for our clients, while continuing to expand our international footprint, into new and challenging emerging markets.