About Us
Our Mission
Our Mission
The Collett Vision
To be a leading provider of specialised logistical management and services, while maintaining the principles of honesty, integrity and excellence in all area’s of the company.

The Collett Mission
Our mission is to provide our clients with the products, services, information and advice they require in the fields of Export, Import and general logistics, to allow them to efficiently operate and expand their businesses.

To operate with honesty and integrity in all that the company undertakes, and to strive for excellence in all the services which we provide.

To achieve continuous growth within the business.

To work in partnership with our suppliers, providing opportunities of growth through, and loyalty from our company as reward for the services which they provide.

To embrace technology and incorporate it into all area’s of our operation, to ensure efficiency at the highest levels at all time.

In conforming to the above, provide our directors and employees with a challenging, secure, stable, interesting and lucrative work environment.