Controlling Product Flow
Once the initial consultations have been completed and all systems and processes set-up, our role becomes one of managing the flow of product from the supplier to the partner on a daily basis.
This is achieved through arranging the:

  • Collection of goods from suppliers distribution centre or other agreed collection point
  • Interpretation/consolidation of supplier documentation into documentation suitable for export
  • Preparation of certificates required for shipment: certificates of origin, certificates of product conformity etc
  • Reservations for air, sea, land or courier shipment
  • Completion of customs export procedure within the suppliers local country
  • Shipment of the goods
  • Completion of customs import procedure within the partners country
  • Delivery to the partners distribution centre

Throughout this shipment process, it is our responsibility to:

  • Monitor each shipment in preparation and transit
  • Keep the partner informed as to its progress and current status
  • Ensure that all information required to efficiently process the shipment through the partners distribution centre is promptly dispatched.
  • Promptly resolve any unexpected issues which could delay arrival of the shipment

In summary, ensure the smooth transfer of goods from supplier to partner within the time and cost constraints agreed.

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