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Shipment, Tracking & Arrival
Shipment of your goods will be made using the service that most suits the goods which you are shipping, the time scale within which you need goods to arrive and the cost basis you need to work within.
Shipments can be made via:

  • Airfreight: Which offers the quickest form of shipment for your goods, with goods able to arrive at your destination within 3-5 days of dispatch.
  • LCL Sea freight – Part Container: Your goods would be palletised and shipped as part of a full sea freight container, along with goods from other parties. This offers a cost effective option for smaller shipments.
  • FCL Sea freight – Full Container: A dedicated sea freight container for your goods, providing full control over your shipment door to door, with the container being loaded and sealed at your home or our premises and not opened again until reaching your destination.

We will organise all export documentation required for the successful and efficient shipment of your goods, allowing goods to be cleared quickly and easily through customs outward and inward to ensure they reach your destination in an efficient manner.

Your shipment will be allocated a unique reference, and you can use this reference to check the status of your shipment at any time through our online tracking system. If you prefer a member of our team will be more than pleased to personally update you on the status of your shipment, either by telephone or email. Either way we will ensure that you are kept apprised of the status of your shipment up to its arrival at your new home.

Once cleared from local customs goods will be delivered to your new home, and assistance provided with unloading if required. Shortly after delivery we will contact you to ensure that you have received your belongings as expected, and in the unusual circumstances of a problem with your shipment, assist you until the situation is resolved.

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