Designed to compliment our relocation service, we are able to provide short, medium or long-term storage solutions for your belongings.
Removing the need for you to rely on separate self-storage solutions, we provide the storage solution you require within the same package as your relocation.

We can store:

  • All of your belongings if you are required to move out of your current home, prior to your international move.
  • Belongings that you do not wish to move internationally can be stored awaiting your return, with the option to ship these items easily at a later date if your relocation becomes permanent.
  • Belongings that are not allowed within the laws of the country that you are moving to.

Collection of storage items can be made as part of or separate to any collections being made for your international move, and would be carried out by experienced members of our team or nominated removal partners.

Items are stored in your own secured area within our premises, premises which themselves are highly secured. Access to your stored items can be provided through prior arrangement.

A separate quotation would be provided for your storage requirement, outlining a payment scheme suitable to the period and amount of storage you require.

Please discuss any storage requirement you may have with the consultant managing your relocation.