Supplementary Services
With experience in all areas of the export transaction, we are able to assist both suppliers and partners with more specialist areas of the shipment process.
These may include but are not limited to:

  • Charters: We are used to handling very large volume shipments, and are fully equipped to arrange quotation of and shipment by dedicated charter aircraft if required.
  • Consolidation: If beneficial from a cost and service perspective we are able to arrange the consolidation of smaller shipments with goods from other suppliers for the same destination.
  • Dangerous Goods Handling / advise: Fully qualified in house staff are available at all times to advise, and if required arrange the packing of goods classed as dangerous
  • Full analysis of shipment statistics and KPI reports
  • Insurance: Quotations for insurance of single or multiple shipments can be provided on request
  • Load planning: Experienced staff and advanced software allow us to provide you with an exact plan of how that air pallet, container, truck should be loaded
  • Order management
  • Payment progressing
  • Return of product to suppliers
  • Sourcing
  • Support for negotiating Letters of Credit

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